Have you ever tried to write code using a remote control connection(VNC) in this course?(required)

Have you used Linux before taking this course?(required)

What are some pain points of coding in this course, in the context of working from home?(required)

Given the current available resources, do you think your coding efficiency will ramp up, if you were able to write code in the lab?(required)

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Located in Markham, I am working as an Automotive Display Driver Engineer at Qualcomm Canada Inc. Previously, I graduated as a Computer Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Toronto and worked as an ECE297 TA there. As I once tutored ECE243 and APS105 at EngFastlane, now I am also providing tutoring service at TopLogic Inc.. I am proficient with C, C++, JavaScript and Python and familiar with PSQL, Java, Intel FPGA Verilog and ARM Assembly(V7). My interest is in Software Design and Development.


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