Recommended time: 40 minutes.

For Loop

Q: What is a for loop?
A: A for loop …

  1. Initializes some index
  2. Checks if the condition is valid
  3. If the condition is valid, do something
    If the condition is not valid, go below the for-loop

Nested For-Loop

Q: What is a nested for-loop?
A: Well… Basically it is some for-loop inside another for-loop…

Sample Question 1

Use nested for loops to print the following:


Try it yourself!

Sample Question 2

Given a string and its size in C Language, reverse the order of the characters.
“abc” -> “cba”
“StudyHard123” -> “321draHydutS”

A function prototype is given as follows:

#include <stdio.h>

void reverseString(char* s, int sSize){


int main(){
    char myString[128] = "StudyHard123";
    int mySSize = 12;
    reverseString(myString ,mySSize);
    return 0;

Try it yourself!


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